Make a Difference Today: COVID-19 Relief Support

Make a Difference Today: COVID-19 Relief Support

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Thanks to our incredibly kind donors, Women That Give was able to purchase $50.00 gift cards that will be donated to women residing in shelter homes. For the duration of COVID-19 we will be collecting donations, monetary or in-kind, to provide women and families with the basic necessities that many are struggling to fulfill. These gift cards will directly assist them with the purchase of groceries, toiletries and medications.

Lockdowns across the world have been difficult for many, however marginalized members of the community are at an even greater disadvantage. Many women who found themselves isolated with their abusers were forced to leave their homes with little to no belongings. Our COVID-19 relief program aims to support vulnerable members of the community over the next three months as they navigate new living situations.

Please visit our COVID-19 Relief support page or send us a message directly at if you are able to make a donation.

“We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll