Thank you for supporting our Virtual Garage Sale

Thank you for supporting our Virtual Garage Sale

Today concludes our Virtual Garage Sale! We are so grateful to everyone who participated in our fundraiser. Your contributions and support means so much to us and the communities we serve.  

We are especially thankful to Giveshop. Their fairly new platform takes a common activity – selling items online – and transforms it into something to be used to make change by donating to charities. This gives everyone another way to donate! Although our official fundraiser is over, you can still donate to WTG through Giveshop, year-round. Continue buying and selling items through the platform, and tell your friends and family about it! Every donation makes a difference. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up! 

We want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. While this day is meant to celebrate you, we encourage you to think about the women in your lives. Many women face violence and discrimination on a regular basis. 

While WTG aims to empower women in our community, we need EVERYONE involved to make progress. You can make a difference today by participating in our Virtual Garage Sale. Donate gently used items to be exchanged for monetary donations through Giveshop, or buy an item that has been posted! You can also donate directly through our website.