Our Programs and Services are provided free to our community members

Our programs and services provide direct support to women survivors, women in need, disadvantaged children and marginalized members in our communities 

Children's program to support disadvantaged kids through Annual Winter Drives, CRSP, and other initiatives.

Women's Capacity Building Program provides training and support services to women survivors and women in need.

Senior's Program assists senior women by supporting mental health, reducing isolation, promoting healthy choices, physical fitness and staying socially connected.

Financial Aid program assists with bill payments to marginalized women facing challenges due to unemployment, unaffordability, sickness, and poverty.

Volunteer Program provides support to all the programs.

Covid Relief Support Program (CRSP) started during pandemic to support vulnerable and marginalized members.

Community Program invests in providing vital services and initiatives that address key social challenges.

Our programs and services are provided free to women survivors, women in need, disadvantaged kids, and marginalized members in our communities.

Free training and workshops for economic independence, and overall wellness.  Investing skills, talent and, overall wellness in women survivors.

We support the community through our charitable work by providing resources, donations, and raising funds.