Fawzia Khan

Fawzia is a social entrepreneur, who is a tireless community volunteer, a tech-educator, an advocate for equality of women and a passionate promoter of sustainable living. She has unprecedented drive to advance equality & mentors at organizations that support the advancement of women. She is driven by a purpose of giving back and has been actively committed in the development of resilient communities, supporting charitable causes to uplift and assist the needy and underprivileged citizens.   

Farhana Tanveer

Farhana is an accomplished Event Planner from Toronto, with substantial projects. She did some notable assignments in the field of creative arts. Due to her passion of arts and creativity she gradually ventured into the field of event planning and management. She spends her spare time volunteering teaching craft and baking classes to youth and seniors.  

Ravinder Rehal

Ravinder is a Nutritionist/ Culinary Expert who teaches healthy cooking and wholesome meals to her clients; and, helps them in making healthy lifestyle changes. She worked as an instructor at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition (2010- 2013).She is also a self-taught artist, and enjoys jewelry making, painting, handicrafts etc. She truly believes that creativity and imagination have no limits, set them free!

Harpreet Sodhi

Harpreet is an accomplished business woman, owner of Planks, with a wide array of experience in a variety of sectors. She is devoted to constantly learning & growing and helps those around her do the same. Rather than measuring your own achievement  she believes true success lies in the hurdles you conquer as a group, team or community. Her unwavering desire for the success of those around her drives her to work harder and smile a lot more as she constantly challenges herself to be the pillar of support she needs to be.

Bhavna Bhatnagar

Bhavna is a well known Ceramic Artist.  She has a great passion for combining Arts and Culture and has contributed significantly towards Mississauga Potter’s Guild. She has also extended her services as a commissioned artist various times and has her work put on consignment at a multitude of establishments including Music art Gallery in Port Credit