International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women

International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women

Today Nov 25th, marks the start of the 16days of activism against Gender-Based Violence and runs until 10 December, Human Rights Day. WTG joins all working towards ending violence against women. We stand in solidarity with survivors. WTG Team at the official inauguration ceremony

In partnerships, WTG will continue the efforts all year-round to advance the human rights of women from 16 days to 365 days. WTG team will continue its program activities with partners to end gender-based violence.

COVID-19 has presented new challenges and WTG’s call to action continues for partnerships, funding, and collective efforts. Build back better, help women stay safe. Join us and let’s end violence against women together. #endviolenceagainstwomen

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Make Workplaces Safer For Women

Make workplaces safer for women. Check out the great resource for Employers – Domestic Violence at Work portal

The Domestic Violence at Work portal at University of Western Ontario, was created in partnership with the Government of Canada to help federally-regulated workplaces comply with new legislation (Bill C-65).  Bill C-65 recognizes that domestic violence is life-threatening, and that the workplace can be a life-saving support or haven for someone experiencing violence at home. By law, employers must provide training to all employees and have a domestic violence policy in place.
The Domestic Violence at Work portal houses free tools employers can use to comply with Bill C-65. This includes staff training, a workplace policy maker, and a tool to assess risk if an employee discloses domestic violence.
There has been an increase in reports of domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic, so it is urgent that workplaces comply.
Benefit from these resources or to learn more please connect with:
Victoria Robson (
Industry Outreach
Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children Faculty of Education, Room 1158
1137 Western Rd, Western University
London, ON. N6G 1G7