Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Today is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

WTG is celebrating the contribution of women entrepreneurs and business leaders who are inspirational and leading the change. While we celebrate the accomplishments of female entrepreneurs around the world WTG celebrates its own women team of entrepreneurs and professionals today who are constantly striving to enhance the lives of our fellow women, children, and disadvantaged communities.   

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Thank you Foodland Grocery Chain

Thankyou Foodland Grocery Chain

WTG is proud to share Foodland Grocery Chain will be partly funding our  Winter Drive to support disadvantaged children and their families.

Our team is grateful for their reward grant to bring cheer to our communities this holiday season.

Consider joining us as a partner, donor to bring a joyful holiday for the children in our communities.

Women’s Abuse Prevention Month

November is women’s abuse prevention month, Women That Give joins all who are working to end violence against women.

WTG stands in solidarity with the survivors of gender-based abuse. This month while we shed light on the women suffering or that have suffered gender-based abuse, we are also calling for more funding to support organizations that are working towards eliminating violence against women and girls.  WTG invites partners to support our programs for women survivors of gender-based violence. 

Make a contribution to support our programs here: https://womenthatgive.ca/donate