Make Workplaces Safer For Women

Make workplaces safer for women. Check out the great resource for Employers – Domestic Violence at Work portal

The Domestic Violence at Work portal at University of Western Ontario, was created in partnership with the Government of Canada to help federally-regulated workplaces comply with new legislation (Bill C-65).  Bill C-65 recognizes that domestic violence is life-threatening, and that the workplace can be a life-saving support or haven for someone experiencing violence at home. By law, employers must provide training to all employees and have a domestic violence policy in place.
The Domestic Violence at Work portal houses free tools employers can use to comply with Bill C-65. This includes staff training, a workplace policy maker, and a tool to assess risk if an employee discloses domestic violence.
There has been an increase in reports of domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic, so it is urgent that workplaces comply.
Benefit from these resources or to learn more please connect with:
Victoria Robson (
Industry Outreach
Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children Faculty of Education, Room 1158
1137 Western Rd, Western University
London, ON. N6G 1G7