Gender Equality Week

Gender Equality Week September 17th to 23rd.

Canada introduced gender equality week in 2018 which takes place from September 17 to 23. Gender equality cannot be achieved unless women are provided an opportunity to live a dignified life and more work needs to be done. WTG has so many women who need assistance with employment, rent support, housing, and feeding their children and families.

We invite you to get involved, make a pledge, and support your local community. Support organizations that are assisting women facing hardships and challenges with poverty by making a donation and funding them.  Support women get employment, get decent housing. Single mothers, marginalized women are facing hardships to support their children, to pay bills, pay rent, purchase food, clothing, and basic necessities. Women survivors of GBV have little to nothing when they leave their abusive homes/surroundings. You can start at home by changing a life of one woman.  Thanks to all the men who are already committed to gender equality.

Donate today to support WTG’s programs. Link

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Children’s Program

Though back to school is over, many children in our communities are not able to afford school supplies or clothing.
#WTG‘s children’s program supports the children of single mothers & marginalized women. While we are thankful to our donors, and partners for their support in helping us assist single mothers and disadvantaged children, we need the continued support from the community to fund our programs.
Consider making a donation to help marginalized women and their children.  Your donation of $100 provides a child with clothing, basic school supplies/stationery, backpack, etc.
Your support goes a long way in helping marginalized women and single mothers who are facing hardships to afford rent, food, and other basic necessities. Learn more about the program