Happy International Women’s Day! 

International women’s day is a global day that celebrates the social, economic, political and cultural achievements of women. 

This day is also a call to action to accelerate gender equity and equality. Significant activism can be seen around the world as groups, individuals, companies and organizations come together to celebrate women’s achievements and champion women’s equality.

International women’s day is a time to reflect on progress, call for change and celebrate the courage and decisiveness of ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. 

International women’s day also provides the opportunity to raise funds along with awareness to strengthen efforts for women-focused charities such as Women That Give. 

Partnerships and funding with registered charities and non-profit organizations dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls means addressing inequities and supporting the important work we put towards the women. 

Happy International Women’s Day from the team at Women That Give. Join us in our mission and support our objectives and goals for 2023.