Testimonials from our Youth

“Volunteering for WTG was a great experience. Being a health student interested
in the social determinants of health, focusing on women’s health, supporting
women and empowering women has been a very fulfilling experience. The work
that the volunteers do here is truly commendable. I’m glad I have been able to
provide my skills and expertise to help and serve women and children in these
communities.”- Ellaine Nonesa

“Volunteer community is wonderful at WTG. Everyone is cheerful and expecting great things to happen out of WTG, which is exactly the attitude we should all have in order to create change.” – Megan Chan

“Volunteering at WTG has been a wonderful experience. I have gained valuable skills that will benefit me in my future career, while empowering women and learning more about the obstacles women face in our community.” – Alina Arloo

“Fawzia and the team were incredibly supportive of my journey at Women that Give. It was a pleasure volunteering for an organization that cares so deeply. ” – Ada Celik

“As a summer student working for Women That Give, I have worked with an amazing group of women who are dedicated to helping women & children in need and am excited to see the charity continue to grow.” – Kelsey Lai

Women That Give is an amazing organization full of passionate and hard-working women. The work they do is to give back to the community is outstanding.” – Jemma Adamo