Support New Moms

Please donate to our Campaign to help us assist in supporting new mothers or expectant moms.

Some of the new moms we are serving have no family or financial support to take care of themselves or their babies.

Moms need urgent assistance in taking care of their child and have no insurance to support their medical bills.

We are raising funds to support an expectant mother who has been quoted $6200 by the hospital for delivering her child. She passed her due date (Feb 16th) and is in urgent need of support. She has no insurance to cover her medical bill. Please make a financial donation to help us support her.

URGENT: Your donation of $6200 will help us pay the hospital bill to deliver her child.

Your donation of $3100 will help us assist a mother with outstanding hospital bill payments.

Your monthly donation of $500 will help us support her baby supplies, clothing, and food.

Your monthly donation of $ 600 will help us assist her with medical bills.

Your monthly donation of $1500 will assist her with rent payments. 

Or Donate/Fund our Financial Aid Program.