Campaign Help WTG Upgrade Its Infrastructure

Fundraiser Campaign “Help WTG Upgrade Its Infrastructure”

Objective: Help WTG Upgrade infrastructure to support our community members.
Goal:  $72, 000

WTG is raising funds to upgrade its infrastructure so we can get a dedicated space for a distribution center to safely secure and distribute donated goods/items to support women in need, women survivors, children and the disadvantaged community members. The items /goods donated to WTG are so important to the survivors and the communities we provide services to. These goods serve as basic necessities, especially for women survivors who leave their abusive surroundings with little to nothing and these goods are equally important for the disadvantaged communities.

The average cost to rent/lease a decent size (3000sq feet) space goes between $4000- $6000 a month bringing the yearly cost to around $72000 not including utilities, equipment etc.
The funds will help WTG upgrade its infrastructure to continue providing streamlined support services to our communities.   Thank you in advance for your support.

Donation accepted by:  Interac E-Transfer to (preferred)           Or you can use the dowloadable  Donation Form 

Or use Paypal button below.

Your investment and support makes a huge difference to our work and the communities we serve.